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Christmas in Coromandel: 2011

Published on 14 December 2011

Christmas is in the Coromandel air! And that means a great opportunity to celebrate the holiday season in the good old kiwi fashion- road tripping in the Coromandel!  Whether you’re a Coromandel resident or a visitor, there is always something fun and exciting to do in the Coromandel. If you are planning a Christmas trip away with that family or mates and want something low-cost and yet packed full of fun and adventure, here are some great tips and useful information for you to keep in mind!

A Kiwi Pastime

The Coromandel Peninsula has long been a favourite location for holidaying to residents and visitor alike.

According to Thames Coromandel District Council, there was a spike in domestic and international visitors to Coromandel in September this year (mainly as result of the World Cup) compared to the statistics last year. In September 2010, there were over 24,200 international and domestic guest nights recorded for accommodation in the Coromandel area. This year September, there were over 33,100 guest nights recorded.

Five Tips for a Great Road Trip!

When planning a road trip this Christmas, there is going to be much excitement and anticipation in everyone’s mood. And sometimes, you can’t help but forget things (I’ve been on a few road trips in my time so I know this happens very often!). So here are five handy tips to make your road trip a fun, safe and unforgettable one!

  • If you are taking your own vehicle, make sure you get it serviced to make sure it is safe to go for long distance trips, check that your registration is up to date and that you have the right insurance to cover any accidents. Better to be safe than sorry!

  • Plan your destinations and stops in advance so that you know what to expect. Take note of locations of important facilities like petrol stations and public toilets in case you need to make unexpected stops!

  • If you are going to take your own food and drinks with you, do grocery shopping in advance. Sometimes supermarkets may not be opened because they have a Christmas closedown period or your timings may not be convenient for you to fit in a grocery trip

  • Make sure you gather all necessary maps and brochures for the places you are going to visit and things you plan to do. Try to get recent ones so your information at hand is current and applicable. Also good to take note of contact details and addresses for information centres and info kiosks along the way, just in case you need extra help

  • Because road trips are all about being out and about, make sure you have your cameras and video recorders to document your journeys! And don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen lotion!

So take the road trip you’ve wanted to take and spend Christmas this year doing fun and adventurous stuff with family and mates! Make it a Christmas to remember, folks!

And remember, if you want to hire a motorhome or need to find local business this Christmas, Gopher Coromandel is here to help.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!